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We built Productimize with a single clear vision – love your eCommerce store again. Global retail eCommerce sales were amounted for 2.3 trillion USD in 2017 and are projected to grow 4.88 trillion USD in 2021. The top 3 online store’s (,, revenue amounted for 100 billion USD in 2017.

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With so much potential in the online B2B and B2C, what hasn’t matured and grown with the times is custom products and product customization. It’s still the same as it was a decade ago. However, as it’s grown it become ubiquitous for the eCommerce store, and the consumer demands have ultimately placed a huge burden to the store owners.

The number one complaint store owners have in mind about offering custom products is the user experience, eventually, the consumer feels overwhelmed. The second biggest complaint is visualization.

Have you ever been in a scenario where you haven’t been able to fulfill the needs of customers? The color or size, which a customer asked for, was not featured in the store — have you gone through this? At times, there come instances where we might not be able to contend with customers’ tastes and preferences.


Customers are unpredictable. The assumptions might not be right all the time, leaving companies in doubt on what to manufacture and what not to.

In these times, where technology and eCommerce have been redefining our lives, isn’t it possible to let customers choose and shop correctly based on the choices they have, from anywhere they are? Yes, it is possible. We knew this wasn’t going to be easy and can lead to an enormous task.

Being passionate and aware of what’s going on in the industry is what guides our vision and the roadmap. Integrating the product configurator with the online store to give an unparalleled shopping experience is what drives us here – Let customers decide, everything!

Let’s look at our journey and what we have specifically for you when you integrate your online store with us.


Productimize Ultimate


3D Visualization

3D Visualization

It’s time to say goodbye to the same old double layered pictures you see in every eCommerce platform. Productimize integrates and produces 3D visualization of the product, thereby giving the shopper a never-seen-before user experience.

With 3D Visualization, the customer can see the product at every angle she/he wishes to, and they can see, in real time, how the specific colors and attributes they choose will look in the end.

What’s in it for you? Here are the stats:

  • 35% Increase in conversion
  • 45% Increase in average order value
  • 20% Decrease in returns

Native Integration

Native Integration

When Integration is done, your site will be better than before.

If you are having even the tiniest amount of doubt that integrating Productimize with your online store will change the way it functions, then it is finally time to push away the cloud of concern within your mind.

With the interface to designs, nothing would be changed. All that we would do is imbibe this feature, which in turn will make the site look much prettier.

Complete Flexibility On UI


Site, yours. Choice, yours.

During the integration process, the UI will be structured and edited accordingly, to include customization features wholly based on your preferences.

Do you want it in the top right or the center? Wherever you want it to be placed, we ensure it gets done in the way you wish it to be, in the place where you desire it to be.

Full Backend Access


The frontend is already yours. Now, the backend will also be yours.

After the integration is done, the whole backend tab will be in full sync with your sales and development team. Shoppers who order things in the frontend will immediately be notified in the backend so the manufacturing team can put together the product needed to ship to the customer.

Not just by handing over the backend, but by taking you through how the backend functions and how to add/remove things in the future, all by yourself and without much assistance. Just in case you are having any issues, we are just an email/call away.

Stand Out Of Competition


Why walk the path, when you can create one?

Product customization is slowly seeping in, with more eCommerce companies understanding how impactful it is expected to be in future times.

Integrating product customization with Productimize will not just make you a part of the competition circle. Instead, it will take your eCommerce site above and beyond everyone else, where there is sparse or less competition, and provide a giant leap towards newer opportunities to drive dreamy revenue and sales.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Transparent Pricing

We only ask for what we tell.

Productimize believes in transparency, right from the moment you approach us and up until the day integration is done. Likewise, when it comes to pricing, whatever has been published is what we charge to integrate. Our Pricing structure includes a one-time onboarding fee and a monthly or (yearly) licensing cost.

In return, what you would be getting are stellar features that will make customers crowd to your site, check out the features, and order a product in the exact color, size, and shape they need.

We don’t have restrictions/limitations based on the number of products. Other advantages include – No limitations on the number of orders, no limitations on the number of custom options. We don’t have a transaction based licensing structure.

Yes! There are no hidden fee’s.

Think less, as we deliver more than what we ask.

Increase In Average Order Value


Are you geared up for more orders to be lined up?

Integrating Productimize with online stores has a proven track record, with a 45% increase in the average order value.

More than anticipating what the customer would like and stocking that up in your warehouse, it is greatly beneficial when you let the customers themselves craft, create, design, and decide on the product they desire. This way, the orders can take off on a running spree.

Increase In Conversion Rate


Attract. Convert. Repeat.

The cart abandonment will considerably reduce and you will see at least a 35% increase in the conversion since the visitors are not going to leave your online store like how they did before the custom product was offered.

Imagine a user just browsing on a site, and that same user then decided to shop further. This is what the features of Productimize, like 3D Product Customization and more, can offer. By presenting never-seen-before custom options and feature lists, customers are able to try things that give them an enriching shopping experience. The design and layout will indeed be a magnetic force.

Decrease In Returns

Order returns

Because goods bought with love are never returned.

The first reason why customers opt to return a product is that they are unhappy about what has been shipped, or because the order is different from what they asked for.

Let’s talk about the first scenario. When a customer assumes something, the chances are aplenty that the product might be returned. Whereas, with the integration of Productimize, you can let the customer be part of the process from the beginning, ensuring every step is filled with choice and love.

To go by the facts, our clients happily report a 20% decrease in returns.

There are lots of tools out there today that help you manage your custom configurator solution. You have all the regular backend integrations.

The tools and technology are there, but they’re complicated or inaccessible which essentially make them useless. To most people, these are out of reach financially or technically.

We believe we can solve both the problems with the perfect digital commerce solution.

Now that you know there is so much unexplored terrain for you to boost sales and drive revenue, why wait?


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Get Productimize Ultimate for your online store and we promise – you’ll love your eCommerce business again. Reach out to us for a demo and, together, let’s see your business thrive forever.

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