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Productimize is a Cloud-based product configurator/customization software and deploying this would allow any burgeoning eCommerce store to sell personalized products to its customers. We’re proud to say that we have served a handful of clients in the past one year and thus have stabilized pretty sternly in the Industry.

That said, a question that was time and again knocking our progress was “What Next?”. After weeks of tireless days, we have achieved something exciting to share with the BigCommerce eco-system. We are one step closer to releasing a pre-built app or extension of Productimize for BigCommerce. We’re hoping to release the app in a month or two, so it’s a WOW moment for entrepreneurs looking to boost their sales.

Are you one among the dreamers looking to increase your conversions and revenue stream, but wondering where to explore. We got you covered. Custom products are the next big thing that’s happening in the eCommerce space. This allows you to convert your site visitors into paid customers. Don’t wait for someone to develop this for you, our plug and play solution, Productimize BigCommerce extension, offers an end-to-end solution with an exceptional user experience.


Notwithstanding your already poured investment, a tiny amount of extra bucks could help you take a step up in the game of market-share race. Work with a team of experts and make your vision a reality.

Don’t worry about Code. Design. Hosting, Installation, Upgrades whatsoever. We take of anything and everything. Furthermore, the learning curve is pretty easy as well and you could just keep on adding products and images. As simple as that.

Also, after the successful launch of Magento and Shopify, we’re extending our platform support to BigCommerce starting this April 2018 and we will be rolling out BigCommerce product customization plugin in May 2018.

Contact us today to see how Productimize can take your eCommerce website to the next level. Register now and be the first few customers to experience Productimize and custom configurators for your online store.

Note: Don’t miss the early bird offer, up to 20% in overall pricing. Opportunity never knocks twice.

Shiva Kumaar

Shiva Kumaar

Shiva is the Strategy Manager leading the business efforts and global partnerships of DCKAP Digital Products. He is passionate about eCommerce and SaaS products, he loves tech startups. Regardless of the role, his blogs are unbiased. An avid gadget lover and a mobile enthusiast.

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