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Shopify a leader in providing an e-commerce platform for various businesses from small to enterprise and holding more than 10% of the share in e-commerce space. Recent trends show Shopify seems to be the next big thing in e-commerce. Considering all these factors Productimize has come up with a Shopify app for implementing Product customization as a part of Shopify websites.

Productimize is been partnering with various Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants to provide product customization solutions for their Shopify websites irrespective of products and industries. Below are few pinches of Shopify and Shopify Customers using Productimize.

Blue Sky

#1 Planner brand in the USA providing high-quality merchandise planners and notebooks. The quality of their product has created a loyal following of 13 Million users every year. Customization planners and notebooks hold the major share in their business revenue generation. Productimize took the challenge of providing a simpler and sleek customization experience for the customers to design their own planners and choose various types of pages and sheets like Menu Planner, Shopping Planner, Parenting Planners and many more add-ons. Along with interior customization like pages and add-ons, BlueSky also provides the customer the option to design their exterior cover page which includes choosing from predefined cover designs or upload their own images and create a unique planner.

Custom Notebook

Abbott Lyon

A prominent and popular brand in the global arena of Fashion who are creating an example at the forefront of young female-led fashion trends. AbbottLyon partnered with Productimize for customization solution. It was integrated into their Shopify Plus and linked to more than 600 products across their websites. Productimize was incorporated into their various website including UK, Germany, Rest of Europe, USA, and Australia. The key customization was to engrave the customer text/name along with clipart into watches and Jewelry.

Connec Outdoors

It is a unique concept in the world that proposes customize and high-performance clothing for hunting and the outdoors. It has resulted in unique and extraordinary clothing. Connec Outdoors draws its inspiration from the entrepreneurial passion of the Garneau family, the Quebec company Louis Garneau Sports. A freedom to design their own hunting clothes with pre-defined designs and merging it with a unique touch to upload their own logo and text into the clothes.


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