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Are you an e Commerce founder/Key executive in charge of sales? Do you want customers to own the products ? Do you want to increase your revenue through more engagement and loyalty?

Are you thinking about customization? Stop.

Adding product customization is a big step, not only in terms of the implementation but also in terms of user experience and production.

We have listed some of the points that you have to ponder before making the move.

Here they are –

Know Your Customer-

Who is your target audience? Have you done enough research to know them? If you have answered YES half your battle is won.

If you have not done the due diligence, do it now. Collect as much detail as possible about your end user to really understand their needs. This will help you to answer questions like “Do they need customization?” “How long are they ready to wait for customized product delivery?” etc.,

Product features-

When you want to incorporate customization to your store you should have full control over the customization options. Having a plethora of features and too many options confuses the user. You also have to consider from the production point of view, as you need to deliver the customized product without affecting your marginal price.

Price point-

Customers are ready to pay 20% higher for customized products.The price difference between regular and customized product must be reasonable. Too high a price and the customers will go to your competitor’s site, too low a price and you leave money on the table. Though it’s tough to come up with winning price point in beginning but you can do various A/B testing on product pricing and find the best one suitable for you.

Deciding on the product-

Implementing product customization is a decision that will affect the way you do business. It is a very important decision that could affect your bottom line, so let price not be the only parameter to decide the product.

Consider the company that develops the product, its core strengths, how long has it been in the market, its clients, the customer service, new feature releases, the ease of implementation, customization etc.

SAAS based products are the best as they are cost effective and the new features/functionalities get automatically updated for all the clients. The great advantage of SAAS is that you get to have the latest and best features as per the industry’s best practices with no long term commitment. We strongly suggest you to consider SAAS based product customization software.


Before the industrial revolution the products were hand made and made-to-order. With the advent of the assembly line and technological improvements, all products were commoditized. Now, going back full circle, all products are being customized as per the customer’s needs.

Product customization is the future and way forward, Think through the points that we have just discussed before you make the call.

If you have any queries or if you would like to talk to us, do not hesitate to mail or call us. We will be more than happy to help you.



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