Mass customization: The Way Ahead for your eCommerce Business

As an industry, eCommerce is ever-evolving and trends like mass customization are adding to its strength. As B2B and B2C business ventures find new ways to thrive in the market. One of the best ways to stand out for an enterprise is by giving their customers a catalyst which does not only help them connect with the brand but also retain their identity.

As per a study, custom made products are seeing increasing demand. Nearly, 25-30% of them show high levels of interest in purchasing custom products. This makes it an amazing option for enterprises to initiate mass customization. Additionally, the statistics show that out of every ten, three customers have their design preferences set. It is also estimated that shoppers who have not opted for custom made products are quite likely to do so potentially.

To that effect, in this particular blog, we would be covering the details for you to consider this amazing concept and help augment your enterprise sales: 

What is mass customization?

Mass customization is actually quite an important business concept. Plenty of brands are adopting it in today’s day and age. The concept is also used a lot of times in marketing strategies for service and product lines to get better recognition.

If we go by the book in terms of definition, mass customization clubs together the flexibility and personalization of custom made business manufacturing. It helps in reaching another level of mass production; which offers lower unit costs. In this concept, different mass consumer groups get targeted in mass customization rather than just targeting a single consumer base. This particular concept is used by many different types for instance in software that allows users to add certain functionalities. Most people refer to this concept as “build to order” or “made to order”.

What is the goal of mass customization?

The goal of mass customization is to create individually customized products, which help with mass production volume, cost, and efficiency. The goal of mass customization entails:

Mass Customization

What are the pros of mass customization?

Some of the top pros of mass customization include: 

  • Higher customer retention of the products as they get to tailor it as per their own needs and personal tastes. 
  • It helps with identity retention along with customization. 
  • Eventually, very few unfinished goods need to be stored and this can optimize your inventory too. 
  • Once the production process is set, you can actually deliver customer happiness literally in ever package. 
    • You can charge a higher price point for the customized products, and only the initial costs of investment is high- but this definitely ensures very high profits. 
  • In today’s day and age, with technology as your backbone- flexibility of software and systems can definitely help with high customization of orders too- that too with utmost ease.

How does the digital industry help with mass customization?

More and more companies are turning to advanced software technologies to meet their personalization demand. As per consumers of electronic devices, the demand for customization is surpassing the pace with which it is available.

Lesser than one third of customers who were polled think that brands are at the moment in a condition to meet customer expectations. But, you don’t need to be one of these brands for sure! With the amount of digital tools available at your disposal, all you need to do is set up your warehouse to meet the demands of the quick personalization that your customers can undertake.

On a brighter note, business ventures which are well acquainted with their customer’s behavior are consistently evolving the way their processes work. They are adopting automation software and integrating it with connected manufacturing equipment. This helps in speeding up the prototypes and create production runs at a low volume too!

We are looking at digital manufacturing tools which entails agile software development that can help in compressing the development time. Faster iterations is what we aim at and if the right integrations are holding you back, then we may just have the right product for you.

However, your manufacturing processes need to be attuned to digital productization to get ahead with this technology. When it comes to mass consumption, digital practices and digital transition is the path paved for you.

How to choose the right platform for mass customization sales?

Ideally, choosing a platform for eCommerce mass customization can really help you. Your worry comes in automating your inventory and manufacturing processes as the online order and customer interaction becomes digital and easy to manage. Some of the top features that you can look for in terms of mass customization include the following: 

  • It should give you the leeway to upload unlimited products and orders without the hassle of too much manual involvement
  • An easy dashboard that makes it effortless for you to manage your online mass customization sales. 
  • Ideally get a platform that does not sell its own branding on your products. It should be a silent catalyst. 
  • In today’s day and age, mobile responsiveness is quite crucial as most shoppers look at their particular phones to fulfill their shopping needs. 
  • The ease of customization based on your product. For instance, if you are selling cards- your customer should have the option of design changes, color changes and textures too if required.eCommerce Mass Customization
  • The product should be powerful enough to give the experts enough detailing options. For instance, when we worked on Phoenix Bats, we took care of all details like the texture, monogramming, the pricing, and much more. 
  • The viewer should get an idea with a complete 3D viewing of the product. In today’s day and age, where virtuality is becoming closer than reality, it is best to give your consumer the option of having a view as real as possible. 

These are just some of the advantages we feel mass customization can introduce for you. But, with the right choice and options; we strongly recommend that you try out mass customization; as it is your pathway to augmenting sales and creating a connect with your consumer base on a much stronger level. Also, hey; who does not like seeing a smile on their customer’s face while having an option to augment their revenue?

Snigdha Chaturvedi

Snigdha Chaturvedi

Snigdha is a content writer at DCKAP who loves to delve into new worlds through different modes of communication. Her current habitat is the eCommerce realm. During her respite, she goes back to her first love - teaching kids and analyzing movies!

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