How Personalization add Value To Printing Industry - Productimize

We are really happy and excited to share the experience on how we have added value to the printing business.

Productimize has already been a success in jewel and fashion industry. We started to expand our boundaries to printing industry like greeting cards, calendar, notebooks, and planners.

Productimize provide a real time visual reality of the designed products. Customers with no technical knowledge can design their greeting cards with their personalized messages and photos. The user interface for the customization page is so intuitive where customer love to design/customize.

The personalized message can be written on the card with different font styles and sizes based on individual preferences.

A customer is given the ability to change the message position or be specific to any particular location on the card.

In some scenarios, we also provide the option to pre-select messages to the greeting cards, where customers are provided the ability to choose from the pre-written text.

Uploading of photos to the card/calendar is provided based on the business requirements with various options like uploading from a desktop or mobile or even from social media like Instagram and Facebook.

To make the order flow process seamless, we also have a clean process to convert customer orders into delivery by providing an accurate printing file based on the manufacturing team’s need.

Productimize captures all the customization done by customers and provides as an output file for printing in various formats which includes PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and EPS.

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