Product Customization Made Simple

Sell customized products. Improve conversion rates. Boost customer engagement.

Productimize helps brands achieve higher conversion rates and increased engagement.
Here’s how:

User-Friendly Interface. Custom design products with a few clicks.

Show, don’t Tell. Provides customers with a truly visual product experience through interactive design.

Scalable, Flexible, and Built for You. From boutique fashion companies to global sports brands, Productimize has the scalability and the architecture needed.

Platform Independent. Productimize is a platform independent product. It runs equally well across Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Hybris, and more.

Supported Platforms

How Can Your Brand Leverage Customization?


Exceed expectations with personalized products. Turn skeptics into brand advocates!

Increase Satisfaction

One size doesn’t fit all. Why not give every customer the chance to get exactly what they’re looking for?

Make Upselling Fun

Personalized products are the perfect “premium” version!

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product Basket 360

360 Degree

Product Views

Productimize’s 360 product view option makes it easy to get a complete view of the customized product and reduces the gap between the actual product and the product image

Mobile Responsive

Let your customers use the customizer across devices – be it a huge iMac or an iPhone 5

Dynamic Pricing

Control every aspect of pricing, including upcharging for extra features.

Social Sharing

Let users show off their creative customizations with one-click social media sharing before or after purchase.

Text Input

Buyers can utilize text, symbols or, even emojis to personalize the products.

Image Uploads

Let customers add their own images from local storage or social media.

Save Designs

Allow customers to store their creations and edit/purchase at a later time.

Print-ready file

Manufacturers receive the design instantly as a print-ready file.

Image Rendering

Powerful, personalized rendering to make your job simpler.

scale as you grow

Productimize is designed to grow with you. Custom solutions are available, too!

Why Brands Productimize


Products customized


Revenue Generated


Conversion rate
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